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Severe Midwest Storm

Qual-Tek designed and installed the equipment that provided vital information to the Emergency Operation Center, during this recent storm in the midwest.


Here are a couple of examples of the type of equipment we have developed which are currently being used by the communications industry.

Emergency Operating Center

Qual-Tek designed, constructed and installed the communications equipment for an EOC. This rack-mounted system includes specialized equipment which monitors multiple media sources. Users dial into the system and select one of up to eight channels, providing information, weather, etc. The system also includes access to two-way radio and internal communications.

This was a turnkey operation with Qual-Tek providing the design, equipment, installation and support. Multiple wideband and two-way communications antennas, coaxial cables and telephone cables were installed by antenna specialists.

High Call Volume System

This is an example of a small interface device installed at the customer’s location. It was designed for a high volume call taking operation. The system consists of a controller for activating special signaling beacons whenever the telephone office sends a signal indicating call waiting. These beacons provide visual notification to the operators that other calls are in queue.

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